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NK11's avatar New Orleans Coterie in Amon Style

So this requires some explanation, so since there are kind of some similarities between Devilmen and how Kindred work, they both have a beast/demon to overcome and to stay human they have to keep their human heart of sorts or they'll lose themselves to the beast/demon, also they have to merge and gain power they have to devour another demon/Kindred and overcome their will. Honestly Akira's journey in the original Devilman manga is a perfect example of someone slowly losing themselves to their inner beast despite their good intentions, and him giving up on saving humanity is also him giving up on his humanity, in vampire the masquerade terms he's no longer on the path of humanity. So in my headcanon au for Devilman/Vampire the Masquerade crossover, Kindred are Devilmen who can make more through the embrace, have to feed on blood and hide from the sun, Devilmen and Demons in Devilman have this eyeliner like markings under their eyes to intricate their demonic nature and that's why I've given it to mine and my friend's vampire the masquerade new orleans by night characters here, and changed around the shape and colour of it to intricate what clan they belong to.

Also I thought it would be fun to draw them in the Amon OVA style and it really was :D

First up is Andy the Ravnos and his famulus Elliot, he's the baby of the group, having only been embraced under a year ago, he belongs to Qwib, the storyteller of the New Orleans by Night chronicle :D.

second is Moreen the Volgirre and the eldest and fleshcrafter of the group she belongs to Morbid.

third is Iris the Salubri, she's the healer and sniper of the group and also a mother to a five year old child who we are currently working on rescuing this season, she belongs to Cthylla.

forth is Rose the Tremere, she's the blood and water magic user of the group and she belongs to me. :3

fifth is Dolly the Daughter of Cacophony, Moreen's wife and former longtime ghoul now a Kindred herself in order to save what was left of her family after Moreen got kidnapped by the main villains of the chronicle last season (Moreen is back safe and sound now) and she belongs to Morbid.

and finally sixth is Kevin, Rose's longtime ghoul (21 years of service!) and a big brother figure to her, he also belongs to me.

Btw if you like what you see and want a commission drop me a direct message on tumblr, instagram, a note on deviantart or on artistree

NK11's avatar
New Orleans Coterie in Amon Style

NK11's avatar
New Orleans Coterie in Amon Style