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She was their Deity

"Like a deity, Miki is what keeps Akira and Ryo going, it is what makes her love and hate them both for all eternity. Because to them now, she is nothing but a symbol to fight wars over. A saintly love without flaws and a deep regret that’ll never truly be forgiven. Because Miki will never be allowed to be a human being in their eyes again, for in their eyes and through her end, she has become divine."

Okay so I've finally gotten around to watching Devilman Crybaby, and I don't hate it, I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would despite its flaws and oh boy are there some flawwsss (holy shit they did Sirene so fucking dirty in this series!!! Worse part of crybaby for real) and I can't say I was 100% fond of how they depict Ryo (before going into this series I did headcanon that they were portraying Ryo/Satan as someone who had lived in such a warlike mindset for so long he couldn't get out of it even when he thought he was human, and thus couldn't live in peace, Akira was the only thing that gave him peace but he couldn't admit it, if he admits love exists and thus sorrow exists and that'll slow him down from doing what needs to be done. Maybe I'm just coping but whatever it works for me, and if that was what the creators were going for then they needed to make it more clear and have more eps cause the break neck speed this series had really hurt it! But I have to say the last four eps were really good and ep 9 and 10 really brought me to tears like damn the series had good bones it just needed more time!😭Also I needed more Zennon pleasseeeee!

Crybaby really made Miki an almost saintly character and while I do like that she ultimately helped Akira by inspiring every devilman to come out and fight for humanity, I do miss her feisty side and her being just a normal teenage girl being unfairly murdered all because Akira had lived with her family and how society tends to punish women especially teenage girls who are barely involved more harshly than the people directly involved. But whatever those are different takes and honestly both are good but ya know personal preferences and hey since I like to play with time loops in my AUs its one of those possible things (tho I will say that my crybaby verse is much more edited and Sirene has pretty much the same motives and arc as she did in the manga and ova cause woww nope not having what happened crybaby)

But more nice things I will say about the series, I really love the music, it is amazing and also I love the intro so much, I've been listening to it a lot and I try to watch it when I watched the next ep! I love the ink blotty look to it and the symbolism!And that's what lead me to make this picture, cause yes my ot3 exist even in my crybaby verse, but oh boy is it messy!XD Since Miki is pretty saintly in crybaby, I wouldn't be surprised that Akira and Ryo would come to see her as a saint after her death, Akira mourning her loss and Ryo regretting letting her die. So I did some grayscale shading with the watercolor brush in procreate and it was fun to mess around outside my usual style and yes I gave Ryo his sideburns, he needed them back! XD it was fun to play around with my style and maybe I'll do something like this again sometime, maybe not crybaby related tho.

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She was their Deity

She was their Deity

She was their Deity speed paint